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Photo Gallery
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My grandpa Harry Thompson
My grandpa Harry Thompson 
Grandpa standing beside a huge Alligator Gar.

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minnie mae was my maternal grandmother,she was born in allenville, mo March 15. 1902, i just came across a piece of history from when she passed. She passed away when i was six yrs old, my mother her daughter passed when i was five, so i really do not have any information about her or my family, i was just wondering if there was anyway that i could get any information about the names of her parents, my aunt passed away, and my cousin from my moms side has passed on too. Anything that might help me recover some of my past would be helpful. I wanted to know if there was anyway that i can get a copy or purchase a copy of her birth certificate, my mom's side i know nothing about it would be a blessing to know where i came from and the history of mine and my siblings past, because we have basically no family from my grandmother's history.
shirley mae (dixon) beebe |, | October 07, 2012

that's my grandfather tom reeves,smoking cigarette
jo reeves | | May 25, 2013

Want to know Minnie Amos was my grandmother Edith Amos idlers mom. Cousin John Vincent has done research on roots web. Hope it helos
Susan beard | | November 13, 2018