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Allenville Missouri
General Stores and Mercantiles

The Hinton Family Influence in Allenville, MO

The Hinton Family one of the oldest in Allenville

The above picture is actually not labeled correctly by the newspaper, it is actually Henry Clay Hinton.

Label from H C Hinton's very own Horse Liniment

Very early Hinton General Store with baby Dewey being held on front porch.

H. H. Hinton & Co 1902
General Merchandise

This store was owned by H H Hinton, son of Henry Clay Hinton. He was also Allenville Undertaker and president of Allenville State Bank. His wife was the former Carrie Kinder.

Harry Hinton posing for a picture inside his store.

H. H. and Carrie Hinton

The Hinton's pose in front of their store with what could very well be the first gas pump in Allenville, Mo. Believed to be around 1920.

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